Welcome To PrayerLife

PrayerLife Art

Welcome To PrayerLife

PrayerLife is a 90-second prayer program hosted by Tracy Weaver, inviting listeners to enter into God’s transforming presence.  Think about it … in 90 seconds an earthquake can level a city.  In 90 seconds a rocket can hurl a shuttle crew into outer space.  Imagine what God can do in your life and the lives of others in 90 seconds.

PrayerLife is a daily invitation into God’s presence.  The PrayerLife vision is that individual prayer partners will increasingly become more comfortable and passionate with their personal prayer life, and that spiritual awakening will be fueled in response to the prayers of a growing prayer network.  In time, by God’s grace, hundreds of thousands of PrayerLife participants will be praying daily for their families, churches, communities and for spiritual awakening.  Imagine the possibilities!

PrayerLife is currently aired on a small number of select radio stations but will soon be a regular podcast on iTunes.  Watch for future announcements. – TDW

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