The Media and Culture – May 28 2016

PrayerLife Tracy PhotoEvery day we are bombarded by messages from the secular media.  The media not only reflects culture but it also powerfully shapes culture.  We serve a multi-media God.  He has revealed himself in music (Psalms), in story (the gospels),  in writing (the epistles), and through visual demonstration (the incarnation of Jesus).  He is the ultimate communicator.  Let’s ask our media savvy God to awaken the media industry to be a powerful tool for communicating His truth.

The Family and Culture – May 26 2016

PrayerLife Tracy PhotoBy God’s design, the Family is intended to be a cultural influence for godliness by modeling God’s love to a watching world.  Satan is relentlessly eroding the family in an attempt to hinder God’s redemptive plan.  Join me as we pray for the family.

The Influence of Education – May 25 2016

PrayerLife Tracy PhotoThe realm of education serves a primary role in shaping culture.  The curriculum and values that are taught in classrooms today become the public policy and social mores of tomorrow.  Today students are being taught that there is no family, that marriage can be between any two consenting adults, science is the ultimate truth and that God is irrelevant.  We need to pray for a spiritual awakening in our education system that will impact lives for generations.

Business and Culture – May 24 2016

PrayerLife Tracy PhotoThe Apostle Paul wrote, “Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31).  There is really no such thing as sacred and secular.  We are to glorify God in everything we do … including our work life in the marketplace.  God’s people are strategically dispersed every day into every realm of business enterprise.  We need to awaken to our role as Christ’s ambassadors and begin to influence the business world for Christ.

Arts & Entertainment – May 23 2016

PrayerLife Tracy PhotoThe melodies and lyrics of a song linger in our minds.  Live theater and dramatic movies stir our emotions.  The Arts and Entertainment industry powerfully impact our culture.  Let’s pray that God will use this realm to bring awakening to our society.